Upcoming Events

Date Title Location Event Website

Meeting Date: 3/27/2018

- 3/27/2018

Assessing the Vulnerability of Alaska Villages

Location: Webinar

Meeting Date: 3/28/2018

- 3/30/2018

2018 Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference and Forum

Location: Nome, AK

Meeting Date: 3/29/2018

- 3/29/2018

Mapping Tidal Wetlands and Their Losses on the U.S. West Coast: New Methods, New Insights

Location: Corvallis, OR/Webinar

Meeting Date: 4/3/2018

- 4/3/2018

The Alaska Ocean Observing System: Eyes on Alaska’s Oceans and Coast

Location: Webinar

Meeting Date: 4/4/2018

- 4/4/2018

Using Early Life History to Uncover Relationships of Fishes

Location: Seattle, WA/Webinar

Meeting Date: 4/17/2018

- 4/17/2018

Using the NOAA Institutional Repository (IR) as a research tool

Location: Webinar

Meeting Date: 4/17/2018

- 4/17/2018

NOAA's Marine Debris Toolkit for Educators: Incorporating citizen science and community action into an educational setting

Location: Webinar