Traditional Ecological Knowledge

On December 13-14, 2017, over 150 members of the region's Tribes and First Nations gathered in Northern Washington for a unique and important event. They participated to assess progress that has been made understanding and preparing for the many ways in which our rapidly changing environment affects traditional ways of life.

This 2-day event focused on four main topics -- traditional knowledges, cultural and subsistence resources, planning to support community resiliency, and policy issues. On traditional knowledges, the discussion covered many aspects of how indigenous knowledges are shaping climate change collaborations, and ways to ensure appropriate protocols are upheld and knowledges are protected. Several case studies and guides were examined to explore the range of methodological approaches for gathering, protecting, and applying traditional knowledges in ways that protect and advance priorities of indigenous communities.

Project Documents

Start Date 7/31/2017

End Date 8/1/2018

Project Status Completed


Fiscal Year Funded 2017

Project Managers Terri Parr Wynecoop, ATNI

Partners Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians

Geographic Area NPLCC Wide