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Towards developing an interagency stream temperature database and high-resolution stream temperature model for British Columbia with a focus on pilot watersheds in the NPLCC and GNLCC

Conservation Planning and Design, Decision Support Tools and Data

Stream temperature data will be acquired from federal and provincial government agencies, as well as other data holders in British Columbia to eventually be housed in an interagency database. Spatial statistical models for river networks like those used for NorWeST will be used with existing and readily available stream temperature data to develop a consistent set of high-resolution predictions for all streams and reaches within two pilot areas: an interior location represented by the Nicola River watershed in the Great Northern LCC and a coastal location represented by the Somass River watershed within the North Pacific LCC. Work in these proposed pilot areas would include processing of spatial data and applying existing technical protocols for stream temperature modelling to facilitate future expansion of the approach across the GNLCC and NPLCC in British Columbia. An ultimate goal is to provide a consistent set of international stream temperature scenarios for planning and vulnerability assessments for aquatic species.

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Start Date

End Date

Project Status In Progress


Fiscal Year Funded 2015

Project Managers Dan Isaak - US Forest Service , Katrina Connors, Pacific Salmon Institute

Partners US Forest Service

Geographic Area British Columbia