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Implementing ecosystem-based management in the central coast of British Columbia: Support for Heiltsuk participation in the strategic landscape reserve design process


Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Vulnerability Assessment

The project incorporated Heiltsuk Traditional Knowledge and Values into ecosystem-based management planning within Strategic Landscape Reserve Design (SLRD) Landscape Units. The SLRD process seeks to identify areas to set aside from logging (harvesting) over short and long term timeframes. Heiltsuk Traditional Use Studies (HTUS) identify harvesting and other types of cultural sites that are important to Heiltsuk well-being. HTUS data that were incorporated into a Geographic GIS were drawn on for this project, where Heiltsuk members collected spatial and photographic data so that culturally important sites and forest resources could be buffered from forestry and other development activities. The base-line study, Map Biography, also identified knowledge holders that can be drawn on to guide management principles.

Project Documents

Start Date 1/1/2012

End Date 12/31/2012

Project Status Completed


Fiscal Year Funded 2012

Project Managers Laurie Whitehead - Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department

Geographic Area British Columbia