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7/24/2014 Mapping Pacific Northwest Riparian Areas: Measuring Current Condition And Prioritizing For Climate Change Adaptation Webinar

NPLCC Science-Management Webinar: Managing for well-connected landscapes is a key strategy to enhance resilience and ensure the long-term viability of plant and animal populations. Connectivity conservation is also a leading climate adaptation strategy; many species will require highly permeable, well-connected landscapes to maintain dispersal and complete climate-induced range shifts. Objectives for this project were to produce fine resolution maps identifying riparian areas, their condition, and their climate adaptation potential, for the Pacific Northwest. Please join the NPLCC to hear more about results of this project including finalized data layers and reports analyzing prioritized riparian areas for climate adaptation. Meeting information Topic: Mapping Pacific Northwest Riparian Areas: Measuring Current Condition and Prioritizing for Climate Change Adaptation Date: Thursday, July 24th, 2014 Time: 10-11:00 am, (Pacific Time) Meeting Password (if needed): nplcc Pre-registration is required; space is limited. Call-in number: 1-866-628-1318 Passcode: 695 954 9

7/28/2014 Addressing Climate-related Uncertainty for Natural Resource Management Anchorage, AK

This course provides participants with a foundation in structured decision making in the context of natural resource management problems addressing climate-related uncertainty. It will illustrate applications to water resource management, mitigation and endangered species decisions.

8/6/2014 NPLCC Science-Management Webinar: The Washington Connected Landscapes Project Webinar

Wednesday, August 6th, 10-11am (Pacific) Managing for well-connected landscapes is a key strategy to enhance resilience and ensure the long-term viability of plant and animal populations. This project developed tools to provide land managers with sufficient information to prioritize and implement connectivity conservation actions. Analyses for this project addressed the following questions: Where along linkages is potential movement constrained? Are there areas that should be prioritized because alternative movement routes are not available? Given a network of core areas connected by corridors, which core areas and corridors are most important to maintaining overall network connectedness? Where in a linkage will restoration efforts (i.e., removal of barriers) have the greatest connectivity benefit? And where can alternate linkage pathways be created by restoration? This project additionally developed new approaches to map important connectivity areas that span climatic gradients for climate change adaptation. Meeting information Topic: The Washington Connected Landscapes Project Date: Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 Time: 10-11:00 am, (Pacific Time) Pre-registration is required; space is limited.

8/7/2014 U.S. Fish & Wildlife NPLCC Conservation Planning Atlas Introduction Webinar

10-1130am (Pacific Time) The North Pacific LCC invites USFWS employees to join a webinar and E-forum on August 7th, 10-11am (Pacific Time) for a presentation from Data Coordinator, Tom Miewald, on the new CPA. This webinar will be for USFWS employees only and will highlight how the CPA can be of use to the agency. Additionally, the webinar will include an E-Forum for Service employees to provide feedback on their data needs and use of the CPA. Registration is required, and space is limited.

8/10/2014 2014 ESA Annual Meeting Sacramento, California

Meeting Theme “From Oceans to Mountains: It’s All Ecology” -- That’s right! Ecology is everywhere. Whether we are exploring the depths of the ocean, arid desert communities, or frigid mountaintops, we find abundant ecological interaction among organisms and environment. Our theme emphasizes the inherent ecological diversity of the state, fitting well between the theme of the 98th Annual Ecological Society of America Meeting’s emphasis on learning from the past and the 100th Annual Meeting in 2015 which will develop a blueprint to shape the future.

8/12/2014 Water Temperature Impacts Under Climate Change Course University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado

In this three day instructor-led, in-classroom course, participants will explore methods to scope, conduct, and document an assessment of impacts (with uncertainty) from a changing climate on water temperature. Lessons in the course will focus on the water temperature in inland streams, rivers, and reservoirs. Students will examine climate-induced trends and projected changes for surface water hydrology and water temperatures. The learning environment will contain a mix of classroom lecture and discussion and hands-on activities led by experts in water temperature processes.

10/23/2014 Large Landscape Conference Final location is not confirmed yet but is expected to be the Ronald Reagan Conference Center in Washington, D.C

5/12/2015 2nd National Adaptation Forum St. Louis, Missouri

We are pleased to announce the 2nd National Adaptation Forum will be held at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, 1820 Market Street, St. Louis, MO. This venue will provide us with ample space to accommodate our many adaptation partners for Symposia, Trainings, Working Groups, Exhibits, a Poster Session and Reception. It is centrally located with easy access to public transportation (MetroLink) to and from the airport. We are also pleased to share the new National Adaptation Forum website will up and running the first week of April. Stay tuned, we will provide you with updates as they develop.